For 20 years I have expressed my passion for healthy happy animals thru production of our herd, and flocks. I was born and raised in a family of farmers, and put a lot of heart in everything we produce. 

We ship via Spee Dee Delivery, or you can pick up at one of our drop sites in Fargo, Minneapolis, or St Cloud, MN. All others will be packed and shipped at your expense to any state.

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We raise British White cattle which are noted for their superior meat, docility, and feed efficiency. This means a more tender, younger beef for you, as well as a safer to be around animal. Our hogs are Berkshire, with our pasture program of corn and soy free, we have some amazingly great pork! My daughter's hens are also free of corn and soy, so the eggs from her free range chickens are quite healthy and delicious! 
We also raise grass fed Rose VEAL. Raised on the cow, and harvested at 6-9 months of age, this is the most humane way to raise beef. It's easier on the calf and cow. The meat is far superior, and captures the best of the genetics. No stress on the calf of weaning, harsh winter weather, and the pasture finishing process, these calves provide all of the beef flavor, and best health benefits in a smaller portion. We hand select the very best calves for veal, grass finishing, and breeding stock, because only the best will do!

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